永恒彩票计划 www.txbsq.icu   不管未來有多遙遠,成長的路上有你有我; 不管相逢在什么時候,我們是永遠的朋友,下面是小編為大家帶來的有關我的好朋友的兒童英語作文110詞5篇。


  My father is 36 years old this year, the head is not high, long black hair, thick eyebrows long a pair of big eyes, but the nose always wears a pair of glasses, Dad. I love the nose, I often playing with my hands to pinch his nose, and swaying dad, always angry and said: "Chan Chan, you don't do it, otherwise it will hit your little ass." I turned around and ran away. I was most afraid of dad's beard. When Dad kissed me, he tied me with a beard, itching me. Sometimes it makes people feel humorous and humorous.

  I remember once, I was watching I love the TV channel, dad to work, just quietly hid me, then I don't know, suddenly, my father beat me, gave me a fright, then my heart is still beating scared into a jump. Group, Dad aside like a big boy like happily at me to say: "coward."

  Whenever I did well in my exams, my father told my family that I did poorly in the exam. Then I looked at my mother's face, but it was seen by my mother. The dad on the side stretched his mouth and said, "I failed again."

  Dad likes to listen to music, watch TV, surf the Internet, say the Internet cafe! When father came home, went upstairs to open the computer to access the Internet, play games, even when eating often put the meal into the computer, watch the play. In the evening, until late at night, he would still sit by the computer and look intently at the computer until his mother said, "do not sleep?" I Lara dad, dad just reluctant to leave the computer.

  Well, this is my friend, Dad.


  The autumn wind blows over the treetops, and the yellow leaves fall, which reminds me of a friend. My friend, Xiao Chenfang, is a medium-sized figure with a round face and big eyes. If you want to see her short black hair, you will know that she is a lively, cheerful girl.

  I've been with her for three years, and both of us do everything and never be opinionated. Once, we made an appointment to play in the Simon park. We go off together, go to the middle, suddenly there is a caozhao foreign accent with a map in his hand comes up to us, one pointing to the map, we ask how to go. It was the bus already coming, and I urged her to get on the bus, but Chen Fang said, "we should help him find the place." I said, "it wouldn't take a lot of time to help him find it. It would delay our journey!" Or don't help him. She said, "if we don't look for a place as much as we do, the people who ask are just as ignorant as we do, what should we do? It's hard for us to be right! " I was finally persuaded to look for the place with her... "OK! Eureka! Find it! " We screamed excitedly. I wield the sweat on my head and said, "it's just a dozen minutes to finish our" duty tour guide. " "Yes." Xiao Chenfang said smiling. With the people said good-bye we happily continued our journey. I do not know is to do a reason, we play very happy!

  Later, she went to Putuo with her parents, but our friendship was inseparable, and we often exchanged information. Her willingness to help, the difficult character of the urgent people has always been in my mind.


  When I look at the old photo, I can't help thinking of my best friend, Wang Ying. At the age of five, I made friends with her. She lived next door to me, and was then seventeen years old. The twelve year's gap in age didn't hinder our growing fondness for each other. She treated me as a younger sister of her own.

  In school, Wang Ying was a 3-A student. She did well in every subject. But she never seemed to be proud of her achievements. She was hard-working and good-natured to younger students. I remember the little incident that took place two years ago. One day I caught a bad cold and had a high fever. I had to stay in bed. This prevented me from going to school. I was very anxious for missing so many classes when suddenly the door opened. In came Wang Ying.

  “Hello, Tong-tong. How are you feeling today?” she said to me with a friendly smile. “Don't worry about your lessons. Now let me make them up for you.” Before I could say anything, she had taken the English textbook out of her schoolbag. I was so moved that I couldn't keep back my tears.

  Wang Ying was a kind-hearted girl. Though she was the only child of her parents, she was not spoiled. She was polite to teachers and students, generous to her friends, and kind to the poor. She was always ready to give her pocket money she had saved to those in need without hesitation.

  One day last year, on her way home, Wang Ying saw a little boy slipping into a pond. The boy was struggling desperately in the water. Seeing this, Wang Ying quickly ran to the pond while shouting for help. She jumped into the cold water to save the boy. With the help of some workers, the boy was finally rescued. However, our little hero, like Luo Shengjiao, lost her own life.

  People were sad over her death. I felt something was missing in my life. For the happiness of the boy's family, Wang Ying sacrificed herself. Her death is a glorious death weightier than Mount Tai.


  I have a goodfriend,He is a boy,he has a very nice name—Robert.He comes from England.He has big eyes,they are round and cute.He comes to China with his parents.We know each other since last year.From then on,we become goodfriends.

  At weekends,we often get together to play basketball,he plays it very well,and,he sings well,too.He teaches me English and I teach him Chinese.

  We are goodfriends forever.





  I have a very good friend. His name is Philip. As far as I'm concerned, he's very kind-hearted and generous. Once I was in high school, he treated me friendly and sincerely. When I was happy, he was also happy with me. When I was sad, he always comforted me. When I was defeated, he always encouraged me. When I stumbled, he always pulled me up. Although we quarreled at times, we were still in good relationships. We could know each other better after the argument. When my birthday came, he always sent me a special present.


  He's very hard-working and intelligent. He always studied hard at school. Because of his hard work, he always did very well in exams. His oral English was better than mine. Most of the time, he was willing to chat with me in English. Owing to his help, I made a lot of progress in oral English.



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