永恒彩票计划 www.txbsq.icu   朋友不需要說的太多,只需要一個問候,就能讓他心里泛起漣漪,下面是小編為大家帶來的有關我的好朋友的兒童英語作文100詞5篇。


  In this chapter of the novel,Jane met her new friend-Helen.What Helen said really impressed me a lot,driving me think deeply.

  “Life is too short to hate other people.We all have faults,but when we die,only the pure flame of the spirt will be left.That's why I never think of revenge,I never consider life unfair.I live in calm,looking forward to the end."

  Honesly speaking,I complained about my life or people around me now and again,wodering why it was always unfair to me.However,think it over,I should't have been so mean.Time flies.We need to expand the width of life instead of wasting time to think about something meaningless.


  My friend’s name is Lily. She is my deskmate. She has long hair, black eyes and a beautiful looking. She is not too tall or too short. It is well-known that she is kind and nice, because she always help other people. Of course, she helps me a lot. She is good at study, especially in English. Because she lives near my home, we often go to school and go home together. We also do homework and play together. We are good friends forever.



  Han Mei is mybest friend. We know each other since we were born. Because we are twins. She ismy elder sisiter. Like most twin sisters, we look almost the same. The mosteasy way to to distinguish us is that she has a scar on her arm. It is myfault. When we are six years old, we played beside the stair, and then I pushedher down the stair accidently. She got hurt but not blame me at all. That isthe history of her scar. Since then our parents always recognize us with thatmark. Han Mei is better than me in study. So, sometimes I was criticized by ourmother for failing the exam, she will pretend me to receive the criticism,without making my mother see the mark. I’ m so thankful for this. So sometimes Iwill pretend her to take part in the piano class, as she is not interested init. It is so interesting to play such game.



  He and I are a class, both my classmates and my friends. Play with me at school every day and go home with me when I go to school. He is not tall, dark face covered with a pair of bright eyes, a pair of thick eyebrows eyes, there is a quiet little mouth nose, short black hair. He is Xinpei bartholomew.

  Once, in a running race, I was suddenly tripped by a big stone on the road, and the skin of my feet and hands was broken and the blood was direct. At this time, Miu Xinpei, who was in front of me, felt that the back was not right and stopped. Looking back, I fell to the ground, ran over, lifted me up, and quickly walked to the school health room. The teacher gave me the injured part of sanitary disinfection, irrigation bandage. After we returned to the classroom the teacher thanked. I am very grateful to Xinpei Miao, put the apples in the bag gave him to eat, he faint smile left the classroom. His laughter flowed into my heart.

  His grades are like thermometers, and then rise and fall. One time he scored eighty-one points in careless math test. When the test paper came out, he was very unhappy and determined to make good grades. After the math test, he was a little abnormal. After class, he looked at the extracurricular books and reviewed the contents of the text. Once I asked her out to play, he said I want to test against a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment. Kung Fu did not have pedestrians, he was very good in the examination after the exam, and he had to have the first place.

  Miao Xinpei is a helpful and self-motivated boy. It is a model for me to learn, and a rare friend of mine.


  Book is the ocean of knowledge, and I am a small boat sailing freely in the ocean. Book is a gate, let me enter the world of knowledge; books are wings, and make me fly in the sky of knowledge.

  I have really been in contact with books for three years. Change my attitude to the book that is indifferent love. I think the book is like a lonely and lonely friend, like a flame when I feel cold.

  It's like a light in the dark. Now, the "one eye light" has become an essential part of my life. There was a morning in a clear sky. I woke up and went to the study to "gnaw" the book. My eyes over the bookcase, suddenly found a "treasure", "naughty little horse jumping", I took it with relish to read, my mood as the story of ups and downs, the mother came in and said: "in the morning, don't read, please go to english!" I just reluctantly pick up the English book.

  I hold my English book in my hand and sweep my mother with my spare light. That's great. Mom is out. I quickly grabbed the extracurricular books and looked. All of a sudden I felt a little wrong. Looking back, my mother didn't know when I was standing behind me. The book was taken away by mother, and finished... The book can't be seen.

  There is a time of writing, the scenery is writing, I accumulated statements like yeast like attack. I showed the composition to the Chinese teacher, and the teacher gave me 28 points. If before, I will only on the composition of the stare, now is not the same, the more I love this book friend.

  I think: yes! It is the book that broadens my horizons and increases knowledge; it is the compass that books enable me to find in the knowledge world; it is the book that enables me to get spiritual nutrition and let me grow slowly in learning. The story of my book and I will never draw a rest, but it will be more and more perfect. Because it's the book that changed me!

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